Integrated Management Solution

Equione Services

As part of Equione’s activity scope and supported by advanced information systems, the company meets its client needs by integrating its own services with the client systems on a smoothly and easy way.

The main objective is to simplify client processes allowing him to focus its core business.

IMS is implemented in two modules:


  1. Identification of client processes and needs
  2. Development and adaptation of Equione systems to the client environment.
  3. Mechanisms set up to share information and key points of contact
  4. Implementation of the agreed procedures
  5. Daily monitoring of project implementation


  1. To identify client ERP processes and needs
  2. To select data sharing methodology (webservice, files sharing, etc)
  3. To develop layout to send information
  4. To develop layout to receive information
  5. To establish periodicity to exchange information
  6. To create the defined solution
  7. Solution testing
  8. Solution implementation
  9. To monitor daily information flow

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