Technical Assistance for Refrigeration

Equione provides service in Portugal and Spain

Equione Services

A team of experienced and qualified professionals with academic and operational knowledge.

A dynamic and innovative management team that constantly seeks to satisfy the needs of our customers with a service of excellence and quality at the lowest possible cost

Tecnical Assistance

Focusing on its activity in
sales support equipment,
Equione is composed of
a team of highly specialized
and certified technicians.

Logistics and Transportation Management

Support logistics activities,
allied to a fleet of vehicles
specifically equipped to
transport equipment reliably
and safely.

Management information

With integrated computer solutions, Equione has a technological platform capable of handling information related to the management of equipment fleets and points of sale in the market.

Integrated Management Solution (IMS)

Equione meets the needs of the market by providing integrated services for the management of product marketing equipment.

Equipment Requalification

This activity aims to recover and improve the physical state and image of the equipments to prolong their useful life with the reliability that a new equipment offers.

Support Center

Support Center is the interface of Equione with its customers and respective points of sale.

What our clients say about us

Equione Technician was very efficient. Highly recommend service.

Not only repaired the refrigerator, but also leave everything clean and tidy.

I called and they came in the same day. The technition repaired the equipment and I never stop selling.

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